Post-op instructions for surgical treatments

We hope that your experience in our care has been a pleasant one.

Following root-end surgery it’s important that you do not disturb the affected area with manipulation and touching the sutures (stitches) with your tongue. Sudden, aggressive movements and stretching of the lip (laughter) can loosen the sutures and promote some bleeding. Please favor the area for the following 48 hours. Follow the instructions on the medicine bottles and take your antibiotics on time and for the full course of the therapy. Applying ice compress for 24 hours following the surgery is essential to reduce post-operative swelling and expedite healing. Apply the ice pack gently to the cheek for ten minute periods (10 min. on, 10 min. off) for the day of the surgery until going to bed that night.

No aggressive rinsing or suction forces should be created in the mouth that could dislodge any effective clot. Rinsing with the prescribed rinse should be done gently, and twice a day (after breakfast and before going to bed) and for only a week following the surgery.
Smoking is prohibited for 48 hours following surgery to improve healing.

Tooth brushing can be resumed 24 hours after the surgery in the rest of the mouth, but the surgical area should be avoided for 48 hours. Brushing of the surgical area after 48 hours is recommended for better healing but should be done gently to avoid gum recession.
Take all your medications according to the instructions on the bottles and do not skip doses. Pain is usually not a big factor following surgery. The pain can be controlled by taking over the counter painkillers (Lonarid, Depon, Panadol).

If surgery was performed in upper jaw and the sinus was involved, over the counter nasal sprays for a week is recommended.

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